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Arborist Melbourne

Tree risk assessments

Risk assessments and arborist reports around Melbourne and Victoria predominantly government authorities, schools, camping areas and public open spaces.

Arborist reports for planning and development

Treetec provides arborist reports for council planning applicaions. Trees can help or hinder development, they greatly increase the value of a property however they can restrict development plans. An arborist should be engaged early in the planning process to survey the trees and identify higher value vegetation. Once plans are draws Council will often require an arborist report detailing the trees on site and including an 'Tree Impact Assessment' which details how the proposed works are likely to impact the trees. The project may then require design amendments.

Some Melbourne councils will approve plans with conditions for a 'Tree Management Plan' (TMP) This report prepared by an arborist will define how the works are to proceed to ensure the trees are not damaged during that development process.

Large scale tree surveys

GPS / GIS mapping and broad scale tree inventory reports. Reports are supplied with all digital files / shapefiles etc.

Elm Leaf Beetle treatment

Canopy Access - climbing, hardware placement, tree removal / tree lopping, training

Chainsaw courses and training


Net Gain Assessments

Vegetation Offset Management Plans (VOMP)

Property Management Plans

Fauna and Flora Surveys


Arborist Reports FAQ

What is an arborist report

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How much is it for a tree report or arborist report

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