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Ecology services

Treetec provides ecological services throughout Victoria and Australia, Treetec is often engaged to solve ecological and/or compliance requirements where our experience in both canopy access and ground based studies provide a broader solution and economy of scale.

Our focus is providing well researched usable data, ecological reports are in plain English with concise findings and conclusions.

Treetec also provides a range of climbing and canopy access / engineering services that fit well with many projects.

Pre-planning and consulting

Consulting / pre-planning services to discuss the type and extent of environmental issues or requirements likely to be encountered. Provides a guide on the type of planning and documentation that will be required at a given site as well as an indication on likely offsets and protections that may be needed.

Net gain assessments

Where developments are going to impact indigenous, remnant vegetation a Treetec report will detail the quantity and quality of vegetation that will be impacted and, in consultation with the client, a guide on harm minimisation tactics and compliance management.

Reports are prepared to DSE specifications.

Vegetation Offset Management Plans (VOMP)

A Treetec VOMP will be compliant with DSE specifications and will set out how the manager is to avoid, minimise and offset the loss of native vegetation. The Vegetation Offset Management Plan will be prepared in consultation with the client.

Provides the client with a workable solution or map to managing vegetation related compliance issues.

Property Management Plans

Often required by planning and councils, a property management plan sets out an agreement between the manager and planning authority on tree and vegetation related requirements at a development site.

Fauna and Flora Surveys / Zoology

A survey provides initial understanding of the ecological / biological diversity of a site. Surveys taken over time in different seasons, in conjunction with a literature review, will build up a broader picture of the extent and value of flora and fauna at a given site.

Where a zoological assessment is required prior to development or tree removal.

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