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Net gain assessment

Our DSE certified Ecologists can prepare Net Gain Assessments and Offset Plans for your project. We consult on net gain and other environment related issues.

Pre development / pre purchase inspection

Consultation with our ecologists prior to drawing up initial plans is recommended, sites should be reviewed from an environmental perspective. There may be significant ecological issues or features that can impact the planning or development process. Early identification of these factors on an initial site visit could save considerable time and money on a project.

Area assessment

Each site will be within certain zones, they include the council boundary, various overlays and the bioregion. The Net Gain Assessment report will list and consider these overiding classifications.

State and National Legislation

The Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, 1999 will impact all sites in Australia however each state has a raft of policies that need to be considered also.

GIS - Geographical information Systems

All data collected can be GIS referenced and mapped, it can be configured to be compatible with any of your existing material.

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Littlejohn's Tree Frog (LItoria littlejohni)




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