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Arboricultural services

Treetec arborist reports are produced in accordance with Australian Standard 4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites and meet the Council Arboriculture Victoria (CAV) guidelines ensuring they are accepted by all planning authorities.

Treetec provides pre-planning and risk related consulting, identifying any tree or broader ecological issues prior to drawing up plans or over investing.

Based in Melbourne we provide arborist reports and services Victoria wide and for larger or specialist work Australia wide.

Planning applications

Treetec provides arborist reports for developments of all sizes. From residential extensions to large scale commercial developments. Arborist reports are written to suit the specific council / planning requirements and are in plain English. Customised where needed to address council RFI's.

Where required the arborists report will reference, or be amalgamated with, the Treetec ecological assessment of the site.

Tree Management Plans (TMP's)

Some planning permits will be granted with conditions, these may include the submission and approval of a Tree Management Plan from a suitably qualified arborist. That TMP will normally include Pre-construction tree protection measures such as fencing, details about the construction phase such as watering regimes and access restrictions and a post-construction element detailing the timing of final inspection and when various measures such as watering can cease.

Tree inventories / large scale asset surveys

Using GIS and mapping we can provide the location and specifics of all trees or vegetation (or other features) to facilitate planning, management and risk mitigation.

Treetec has delivered large scale tree survey reports for a range of clients including government bodies.

Tree risk assessments

Treetec can provide tree risk assessments and arborist reports that ensure the manager of those trees can fulfill their duty of care in relation to site safety. The tree reports include specifics of each individual 'high risk' tree, and recommendations that are cognisant of the specifics of the hazards, associated risk and budget. Treetec can also provide arboricultural risk assessment Training.

School ground inspections | Landlords and property managers | Parks and gardens

Canopy access

Treetec arborists are certified tree technicians with specialist skills in climbing, rigging and training. If you have a tree canopy based task, we will be able to either work with your team, get your people safely into the canopy or work independently to complete the task on your behalf.

This may be installing nest boxes or remote monitoring equipment, tree based structural placements, flora sample collecting or tree pruning and dismantling.

Notes on trees

Selection, planting, care, risk.

General information on tree care

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Tree removal in difficult situation, technical dismantling without damaging targets

Canopy rigging

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