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Arborist Reports

Treetec provide arboricultural reports for schools, commercial developments, residential projects, councils etc. Used for planning applications, duty of care obligations, forward planning and tree preservation.

Treetec will help determine the terms of reference for an arborist report and, if required, communicate with the end user to ensure suitability.

Terms of reference usually include tree specifics like species and size as well as addressing topics such as preservation, risk, Tree Protection Zone's (TPZ) development impact, building structural damage.

Bushfire impact

Treetec has had an ongoing involvement in bushfire recovery projects in Victoria, we can help with hazard assessments / audits and risk minimisation, tree report preparation. Also recovery projects both fauna and flora, monitoring, habitat assessments, nest box installation etc.


A consulting arborist can help with tree protection, tree preservation, building structural issues linked to trees (often cracking bricks), hazard assessments, tree transplanting, disputes relating to trees, tree root DNA identification and advice on appropriate pruning, cutting, tree removal or lopping.

Hazardous trees need to be assessed on site, there are a number of options for dealing with risk and liability.

Is this tree safe? A common question and unfortunately the answer is 'No'. All trees present a hazard but of course the degree of risk varies enormously.

We can inspect a tree or group of trees. An assessment can be made of structure and health and what might happen given the current condition of the tree and surrounds. Often risk can be significantly reduced with treatments such as pruning or cabling.

Councils and planning

Councils have differing requirements when it comes to management of vegetation. Within each council there will be different restrictions or regulations, depending on zoning, such as 'green wedges' and landslip areas.

Contact the council planning department to discuss your specific situation and protective overlays, these will impact the content of an arborist reports.

It is wise to consult with an arborist prior to drawing up plans, this can avoid some costly re-design work. Treetec can give you a good indication of the type of restrictions / requirements a council may place on your application based on the type and quality of vegetation on site.

Net gain assessment and offset plans

The concept of Net Gain is impacting many planning applications, this is detailed in the policy Victoria's Native vegetation Management - A Framework For Action, you may find it necessary to have an understanding of this and how it relates to your situation. In essence it aims to ensure the quantity and quality of native vegetation is preserved, therefore if you intend to remove native plants you may need to offset this loss.

Treetec can provide the various flora and fauna studies and reports required, in particular a Net Gain Assessment and Offset Plan. We have DSE certified ecologists on staff. This gives you the assessment of the quantity and quality of the vegetation on site and a calculation on the appropriate offsets for the loss of this vegetation.

For more information on Net Gain Assessment and Offsetting vegetation loss

Legal issues

If you require legal advice on tree related issues you will need to contact a legal professional.

Call Treetec for expert advice on hazard assessments, tree behaviour, interaction with structures or appropriate treatments and prevention.



Tree damage to garage, tree report required


Letting in natural light


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Re-vegetation Plans


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Fungal fruiting body

Fungal fruiting body - evidence of decay




Arborist reports often relate to root structure and impact on buildings

Typical root structure; concentrated in the upper layer of soil



Cracking wall due to drying of reactive soils. Arboricultural report provided

Cracks in a wall attributable to root related drying of soils










An arborist report was required after the tree failure event

- With the help of a tree

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