Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging (TI) is another effective tool for wildlife surveys used by the Treetec team for a variety of applications.

As with other remote camera methodologies and spotlighting, TI is relatively non-invasive and can be particularly useful in detecting small and/or cryptic species than might be missed by other survey types, including bats and small marsupials.

A critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possum detected on Thermal Imaging ((C) DELWP used with permission)

The Treetec staff are also experienced in utilising the TI camera to monitor nest box occupation, and hollow occupation, in a non-invasive manner.

‘Hotspot’ shown by the TI camera in an occupied nest box – in this case occupied by an Eastern Ringtail Possum – the hot sleeping possum has heated up the bottom of the nest box considerably! ((C) Jo Isaac)


Melbourne Arborist