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Grant News!
Treetec is excited to announce a new direction in our business as we have been awarded a $230,000 research grant from The Australian Governments Wildlife and Habitat Bushfire Recovery Program – for more details go here.

Our Project: “Introduced hollows for priority species impacted by wildfire in East Gippsland” will create hollows of different sizes and designs, focussing on habitat preferences for obligate-hollow using species known to have been negatively impacted by the 2019/2020 bushfires – including Greater Gliders, Yellow-Bellied Gliders, Glossy Black Cockatoos, Red-browed Treecreeper and Gang Gang Cockatoo.

Fire affected habitat in East Gippsland (c) Tom Oldmeadow

Our project will also, for the first time, apply our cavity creation process to create refuges for priority terrestrial species known to utilise fallen logs and timber,  including Smoky Mice, Broad-toothed rat, Southern Water Skink and Glossy Grass Skink.

In addition to using this grant money as an opportunity to create much required habitat for impacted species, we also aim to use this opportunity to conduct further empirical research into the efficacy of created hollows for target hollow-using species, including how hollow-using fauna respond to our created hollows, how created hollows compare to natural hollows and nest boxes, and how, if at all, created hollows impact host tree health.  We will also trial several designs and applications of terrestrial cavity creation and monitor future occupancy.

Recent and Current Clients:

DELWP – flora and fauna surveys – including remote camera survey, spotlighting, flora.
Parks Victoria – terrestrial predator camera trap surveys; nest box installation
Arthur Rylah Institute – cavity/hollow creation; nest box installation and survey
Whitehorse City Council – cavity/hollow installations
WSP and the Echuca-Moama Bridge Project  – cavity, nest box and log box installations and monitoring
Zoos Victoria – nest box installation and monitoring

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