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canopy access

Treetec provides canopy access services for a range of purposes including ecological surveys, sampling and monitoring, also arborist services such as tree restoration, care, pruning and removal.

Accessing and working within the canopy

Treetec can help with a range of projects be it fauna studies or the placement of cameras in trees.

There are a number of ways to ascend a tree and it can be done safely and with little effort on the climbers part if required.

Treetec have climbing ecologists on staff and this, in conjunction with our training and OHS expertise, means we can facilitate any projects that require canopy access. We can advise on and supply suitable canopy access equipment and we can place data collection or monitoring equipment, provide GIS mapping and reports.

Technical rigging solutions

Treetec provide specialist solutions for working at heights. Given the unique nature of most canopy access projects we will consult with you on the requirements of the job and the best way to move forward.

With specialist skills in advanced height access equipment and some innovative solutions it is possible to safely install equipment and personnell within the canopy, be it a short or long term project.

Monitoring / filming

Treetec can help place and configure monitoring and filming equipment, from work platforms, to aerial systems both manned and remote. We can establish remote controlled apparatus and internally (within cavities) mounted wireless cameras for observation and filming work.

Habitat creation

Habitat placement or creation is a special area of interest at Treetec; many Australian native fauna species are hollow users; both obligate and opportunistic. Unfortunately much existing forest is quite young re-growth and without substantial hollow resources.

Eucalypts are, in general, good at resisting decay. which is the primary cause of hollow formation. It is normal for eucalypts to be older than 120 years before hollows suitable for occupancy, by vertebrate fauna, form.

In suburban areas large old trees are often targeted for removal due to the perceived risk they present and therefore usable hollows are rare.

When removing trees consider whether it is possible to keep the trunk after removing the canopy and placing hollows within it, or nest boxes on it.

Treetec is involved in the creation and placement of suitable hollows and cavities. this involves identification of the animal species requirements: hollow size, opening, aspect etc, within a certain area and then the placement of a nesting site in the tree structure at a suitable height. Location and relevant details can be kept for future observation work.

Most work is done with rope and harness work positioning systems, this gives us a far greater range for nest box installation. Usually nest box placement is limited to the height of a ladder however many species of hollow users prefer cavities higher in the canopy.

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