Tree Surveys and Inventories

For the forward planning and ongoing management of tree populations, Treetec can supply specific data on each tree or data set, combined with GIS mapping, analysis and recommendations.

Street tree inventories and audits

Survey criteria are established in consultation with the managing body and data is collected and collated to suit. Data may include images, risk rating, tree condition and dimensions. This information can then be used internally or distributed in various formats to suit third parties such as tree contractors, utility companies and planners.

Accuracy of data is ensured with internal quality control procedures including programmed audits and ongoing verification of data.

Treetec can also provide (separately or amalgamated with tree data) asset inventories to assist with planning and maintenance.

Tree population risk assessments

For managers of public spaces such as parks, cemeteries and schools the task of managing tree related risk can be expensive and time consuming. Treetec can map and assess all trees then provide concise workable solutions to help budget for, and manage that risk.

The consulting arborist will provide recommendations for individual trees or groups, these recommendations will consider the likelihood of a tree failing and the probability of that failure impacting a target (person or asset).

Tree risk assessment reports will also provide broader information where required on establishing or maintaining treed environments, tree health and tree risk management.

Treetec does not provide day-to-day tree contracting services thereby avoiding a conflict of interest and ensuring the consulting arborist will provide objective findings with a focus on maintaining amenity whilst minimising risk.

Broad scale vegetation assessment

Using our arboricultural and ecological resources Treetec can provide assessments on ecological value, species composition and individual points of note to suit the required criteria. For more information on ecological assessments – click here.

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