Ecology & Canopy Access

Treetec. Arborist Melbourne. Ecology services, habitat / hollow creation and specialist environmental solutions.
Red-browed Finch

Treetec is an environmental research & services company with ecological and canopy access expertise, based in Melbourne providing a range of services Australia wide.

Consulting and Reports

Arborist services – Arboricultural  tree reports and consulting for residential and commercial projects, council planning applications, school and park hazard assessments, tree protection and retention, Tree Management Plans (TMP’s). Large scale tree survey mapping and GIS data collection.

Tree care and preservation – pruning, treatments, assessments and advice.

Ecology services – Ecological research, field work, project design and implementation. Development pre planning consultation, Net gain assessments, Vegetation Offset Management Plans (VOMP), Property management plans, zoological inspections, fauna and flora surveys.

Canopy access

Cavity / Hollow / Habitat creation, nest box installation & maintenance.  Data collection, monitoring, camera trapping, tree canopy engineering, equipment placement and canopy related research.

Additionally Treetec provides canopy access training specifically for the ecology / zoology fields.

Elm Leaf Beetle treatment and plant health

Treatment and control for Elm Leaf Beetle as well as consulting and solutions for selected plant health issues.  Currently Cypress Die-back is impacting large numbers of trees, we have some information on this following a number of years of treatment and research.

Chainsaw training courses

Chainsaw training courses in the Melbourne / Victoria area. Courses for individual students or groups and companies. Also specialised arboricultural related training in the Canopy Access and Hazard Tree fields.

Treetec – specialist services

Treetec’s team include leading specialists in a range of areas such as canopy access, workplace safety, software development, GIS mapping and fire ecology as a few examples.  If you have a specific challenge let us know, we regularly provide services to organisation including DELWP, WorkSafe Victoria, ARI, ProofSafe, ParksVic, VPA and Universities.

Our focus is quality solutions for our clients and a rewarding, safe work environment for our teams.