Elm Leaf Beetle Chemical Sprays

Foliage spray

An insecticide is sprayed onto the foliage using a pressurised spray unit to reach as much of the canopy as possible.


  • Instant results, stops ongoing Elm leaf damage immediately
  • Can be used on most small to medium trees – works best on trees less than 10 – 12m tall
  • If the timing is correct a single application can provide a good level of protection for a full season
  • Cheaper initial outlay than longer term Elm Beetle treatments – expect to pay $140 – $190


  • Over spray – the chemicals used vary in toxicity however it is worth remembering that they are insecticides and designed to kill Elm leaf beetles and any other insects they contact; over spray may kill not only Elm Beetle but ladybirds, butterflies, dragonflies, fish, beneficial wasps etc.
  • Extreme caution must be taken and appropriate protective equipment used (as with all chemical treatments)
  • Needs to be applied at least once a year and more if all leaf damage is to be avoided
  • Expensive in the long term
  • Will not reach the top of very tall trees. No treatment will repair the damage to leaves already done by beetles in a given season

Melbourne Arborist