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Our training equipment includes new modern chainsaws and accessories thanks to the support of:
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Treetec provides short course training, we work with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and provide both training and assessment in chainsaw use and industry related subjects. The courses are nationally recognised ensuring participants are OHS compliant on any worksite.

Treetec also provides training in specialist fields including Hazard tree identification and canopy access techniques.

Training location

We are based in Melbourne however we can deliver training courses within a few hours travel around the greater area of Melbourne if required (travel expenses apply).

For specialist courses we can come to you or arrange a convenient venue nearby. Open Chainsaw courses are normally run in Menzies Creek in the Dandenong Ranges – east of Melbourne.


For dates and details on upcoming open chainsaw courses see our Chainsaw training page.

Treetec will run tailored courses for organisations to suit your schedule as well as location, contact us to discuss scheduling options and prices.

Training duration

We allocate time for courses to suit the participants, hazard tree courses are normally one day, tree access varies and we will discuss your requirements for specialist courses. Chainsaw training is generally run in small groups so that it can be completed within a day, sometimes a long day.


We can provide most equipment as part of the training courses giving students access to a range of climbing equipment, new chain saws, guides and tools. Our chainsaw training is supported by Husqvarna Australia and we have a range of professional modern saws for students to test as well as the associated equipment and safety gear.

We encourage students to bring their own chainsaws to the course as they are a valuable learning tool; getting acquainted with your own gear and identifying any safety or maintenance issues. You can clean up and sharpen your own saw instead of one of ours! We encourage participants in the chainsaw course to try out a range of saws to see how they feel and operate.

Students need to bring their own chainsaw safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as steel cap boots, gloves and safety glasses. We’ll send you a more detailed list when you contact us.

Police training
Training members of the Victorian Police Search & Rescue Squad

Training for companies

Treetec can adapt training to suit the skills required depending on the job context, we can also help with developing supporting paperwork to demonstrate OHS compliance.

We are able to be flexible on timing and location, if you need a number of staff trained in chainsaw use or chainsaw refreshers call or email to discuss the options.

Chainsaw training will enable organisations and employers such as tree contracting companies to fulfil contractual training requirements for their staff.

All training is competency based so we can work with you to ensure down time and costs are kept to a minimum.

For individuals

For individuals we run regular open courses, they are suitable for home operators to firewood collectors to farmers to tree contractors. Usually the open courses are run in eastern or south eastern Melbourne.

The open chain saw courses start at the start so it doesn’t matter if you have never picked up a saw, it’s a gradual familiarisation through to full competency in both chainsaw use and maintenance. If you do have experience you may find you cover the material easily and will have time to discuss more advanced topics related to chainsaws and timber / trees.

A lot of jobs require a ticket (Certificate of competency) to operate a chainsaw and this course will provide that certification as well as a solid skill base.

Our training is comprehensive and allows time to learn and practice all the relevant skills.

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Certified chainsaw operators license training – crosscutting

Course costs

We can provide a price on specialist courses once we understand your requirements, for chainsaw course costs see our chainsaw training page. Please contact us for a quote for groups or companies.

Chainsaw course content

For more information on the detail of the chainsaw course, content, assessment and requirements please see the Chainsaw Course page.

Speciality courses

We can provide customized training along with OHS documentation for specialty tasks such as nest box installation or tree canopy access, this could be for hardware placement such as cameras or Christmas lights or fauna and flora research. These courses can include climbing, tree felling, specialist areas and OHS compliance components. Usually arranged by a group or company.


Caution Will Robinson…..

Please be aware that training is an important first step, we provide the highest level of training, delivering both knowledge and skills however there is no substitute for on the job experience. Newly acquired skills should be tested and practiced in a controlled and safe manner ideally supervised by fully trained and experienced people.

For more information or a quote please email, phone 03 8644 8005 or complete the form below:

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