Nest and Log Box Variations

While Treetec has pioneered the development and installation of introduced hollows and cavities, we believe nest boxes and log boxes still have a role to play in enhancing habitat and for positive conservation and biodiversity outcomes.

Nest boxes have been used to improve outcomes for native hollow-using species for many years – the Arthur Rylah Institute estimate there are around 10,000 nest boxes installed in Victoria!

Nest boxes can be designed to fit the target species, from tiny micro-bats to Powerful Owls.

Log hollows are a more recent development and are often made from the hollows of existing trees which have been removed for various reasons. Log hollows may be preferable to nest boxes as they are made from more natural native materials – although further research needs to be carried out.

Our unique teams of ecologists and arborists have extensive experience in planning and installing nest and log boxes for a variety of target species in different habitats.

Additionally, our arborists can also help with creation of both nest and log boxes, if required.

The Treetec team partnering with Murray Goldburn Tree Services to create log boxes in Echuca ((c) Hayden Watt)

Melbourne Arborist