OHS / WHS for the tree industry / arboriculture. Treetec assists businesses  to meet occupational health and safety requirements as set out in the various federal and state Acts.

The Act

We can help you not only keep your team safe but give you the systems and documents that outsourcing companies, councils and governments require as part of any tendering process.

Currently we consult to one of the large electricity network owners and have provided accident investigation services for WorkSafe Victoria and private companies, this means we understand how the system works when things go wrong and how best to protect your staff and your interests.

Treetec can provide

  • OHS consulting and audits
  • The systems you need for compliance and tendering
  • Simple guidance in plain English on what you need to do
  • OHS training for employers and staff
  • All the documents and forms (e.g.  Pre-Starts, JSA / JSEA, Audits etc) the team may use, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS’s), incident reports, environmental policies, Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Climbing guidelines, EWP procedures, MSDS’s etc.
  • Simple affordable plan to get businesses OH&S compliant
  • Follow up service to help you and your team adjust to any new compliance requirements

Legal structure

All workplaces in Australia are covered under an Act of parliament which sets out what is required regarding OH&S. There is then a set of Regulations which set out how you are to meet the requirements of the Act. Then there are Codes of Practice or Compliance Codes and under that are Guidelines and Australian Standards.

3 things are required:

  1. Anybody at or near a workplace is protected from harm
  2. There are systems in place to ensure people are not harmed
  3. There is documentation that records the systems and helps ensure people are not harmed

There exists Duty Of Care; it means everyone, especially the boss, is required under law ‘to care’ and to show they care they must have systems and documents for all work sites.

Some poor decisions resulting in serious injuries
Some poor decisions resulting in serious injuries

If someone is injured whilst on your worksite the penalties can be enormous, however it is much worse if it is deemed your systems and documents are poor or non existent. In fact an employer can be fined for these things even if they don’t harm someone!

Good systems and associated documentation will go a long way toward preventing people being harmed

Systems are things like training, tool box meetings, audits, pre work checks, equipment maintenance etc

Documentation will include assessment sheets / JSA’s, safe work method statements, employee records, minutes of meetings, log books, maintenance records, etc

Treetec recommends ProofSafe for easy, secure data collection. All forms such as JSA’s, Pre Starts, SWMS’s, Audits and Time-sheets can be completed by any staff member on their phone or a tablet and quickly uploaded – ProofSafe replaces any paper systems.

Meeting your obligations

Most businesses will be complying to a degree, it may simply be that a company isn’t backing up their actions with supporting documentation. Or there may be a few shortfalls with safety systems. Treetec can help with an assessment / audit process to identify the problem areas then help fill the gaps.

Qualified in training and assessing we can help overcome competency requirements.

We provide as much or as little help as required, you only pay for what you need and we can keep you up to date into the future.

The costs, both financial and personal, of injuring or killing someone will far outweigh the cost of becoming OHS compliant.

Accident investigation

We have assisted WorkSafe Victoria, legal teams and a large employer (Electrical supply) to investigate a number serious tree related incidents.  Treetec provides services reviewing systems and documentation relating to arborists and working within arboriculture.

With a unique understanding of:

  • The industry, its practices and inherent risks
  • Training requirements including various delivery systems throughout eastern Australia
  • Occupational health and safety laws

We can provide expert analysis and reports on tree and arboricultural related incidents and how to reduce the risk of an event happening in the future.

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