Wedgle tree injector for sale – 2nd hand

Wedgle injector 2nd hand sale

Full Wedgle Kit for sale. 2nd hand.
Full Wedgle Kit for sale. 2nd hand.

After two seasons and hundreds of attempted injections we are now selling our Wedgle tree injector, purchased directly from ArborSystems in the US.

In our opinion it does not work as it was advertised and has caused a moderate to significant loss of time and money for our business.

Asking price $4500 + shipping

The system includes various components including the carry case, backpack, associated Wedgle tools and containers:

  • Wedgle Direct-Inject Injection Unit
  • Wedgle Tips
  • WedgeChek Punch
  • WedgeCheks
  • Wedgle needles
  • Parts container, needle container
  • Two water packs for priming
  • Tape measure
  • Deflector shield
  • Garden hose adapter
  • Multipurpose maintenance tool
  • Maintenance kit

We have found the Wedgle injector to be slow and fiddly, we’ve lost an amount of expensive chemical and have now resorted to alternative treatment methods.

Wedgle Unit.
Wedgle Unit.

The primary problem we found with the Wedgle system is that it injects only a very small quantity of chemical at a time and usually the little WedgeCheks will not hold that small dose of chemical.  The result is that many times when we tried to withdraw the needle of the Wedgle unit, the WedgeChek leaked a large proportion of the chemical back out and down the tree. This could happen even when we waited for up to 1 minute before withdrawing the needle. This meant we had to try a different location, and use another costly WedgeChek and more wastage of chemical and time, also it is very unsightly as the chemical stains the trunk.  Our team has found this system (and dealing with ArborSystems) frustrating.  We are experts in the Elm Leaf Beetle treatment field and are careful and measured in our approach to treatment.  We watched the videos on the Wedgle and carefully read all the instructions, our methods are correct.

We have had a significant number of emails back and forth with the manufacturer who has offered a range of suggestions, these suggestions did not change the outcome and unfortunately we have finally decided not to persist with this equipment.

Video of Wedgle failing to operate properly

We created and sent a video of our procedures using the Wedgel to ArborSystems and they confirmed that our procedures looked correct however could offer no workable solution.  The response was:  “Your technique is pretty good for this type of tree, but here are a few suggestions”  Unfortunately (as with previous communications) the suggestions were of no help.

ArborSystems has declined to refund and take a return of the unit so we’re now offering it for sale to recoup some of our costs.

After requesting a refund from ArborSystems they pointed out that:  “……..section II paragraph C. that “All sales are final and no refunds will be made.” This document is very clear on ArborSystems’ Terms of Sale

Does the Wedgle from ArborSystems work?

The summary, in our opinion, is that it works sometimes but it does not work as advertised.  We found that:

  • The product is a large capital expense for what it does (or is meant to do)
  • The wedgle unit itself is well manufactured
  • The Wedgle system will get some of the chemical to the tree some of the time
  • The WedgCheks often leak and many extra attempts are required to treat a tree.
  • The Wedgle WedgCheks are very expensive for what they are and how often the don’t work
  • The system is slow and uneconomical for our purposes of treatment for Elm Leaf Beetle
  • The company sometimes responds to enquiries, sometimes they do not.
  • ArborSystems has not provided good service or backup.
  • The black carry case is awesome.
Wedgle Kit for sale 2nd hand.
Wedgle Kit for sale 2nd hand.

If you have any questions on our Wedgle or would like to  purchase it, feel free to email us.

Please note that after 2 seasons and a lot of lost time and frustration we now have a strong view on the Wedgle system, to gain a more complete / objective assessment we recommend you talk to as many people as possible about their experience before purchasing our second hand Wedgle unit.

Arborist assessment of Wedgle

This is a recent email from our head operational arborist:

“……tested the wedgle again last week, same issues.
Full canopy, perfect time of year but failed on two sites so i drilled it.
We need to let them know that we know the device works, and it has worked for us but not every time.
Too many variables to go wrong and too much waste.
With failed attempts the job takes longer and looks unsightly when clients inspect.”

For more information on Treetec chemical treatments by our arborist team, particularly for treatment of Elm Leaf Beetle.